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C.D.P RSL . Milling Industries, founded by a family company operating for over 40 years in cereals and miller sectors,it boasts of two milling plants of which one is for the durum wheat production by 75,000 tonnes and the other for the production of 35,000 tonnes of soft wheat, with total annual production capacity of 110,000 tons, fully automated and integrated by the latest electronic control systems, more storage facilities for raw materials for 20,000 tons. The company has an advantage definable competitive using a wide choice of cereals, which allows to create the right mix of grains to meet the needs of a wide range of products required by customers, which are represented primarily by bakeries and pasta producers both artisanal and industrial and by processing companies. Decisive factor for this success is the location of the plants located in Altamura a land rich in tradition milling, farming town of the Apulian Murgia , in the province of Bari, one of the most important agricultural centers for the cultivation of wheat and the production of the famous “Pane di Altamura”. The company is characterized by a great innovation capacity thanks the continuous study of new products, market and the changing demands of customers it is able to offer exclusive products, always maintaining the high quality that sets it apart.